Computer training Program

This is part of our vocational training program. It is a partner program with NairoBits. NairoBits Trust is a youth based organization based in Nairobi, Kenya. The computer training program seeks to empower marginalized youth between the ages of 15 to 24 living in the urban non-formal settlements. It provides these youth with training in ICT Multimedia, entrepreneurship, reproductive health and life skills with an aim of giving them chances in both formal and non-formal employment sector.

This program envisions a situation where the urban informal settlement youth can be able to access Information Communication Technology (ICT) skills that would improve their chances of getting employment as well as increase their ability to enter the business market. The program also develops the youth’s character by inculcating critical elements of personal confidence, self-esteem, and general life skills ICT Multimedia This is a very innovative ICT course which is implemented in four levels namely course one, two, three and media lab.

The courses are progressive starting from introduction to computers up to specialization in ICT Web design and development. Media lab is the highest and the final level of training after which the graduates are linked to internship and employment opportunities in ICT related companies.

The program consistently reviews its curriculum to keep up with the emergence of new trends in ICT and ease of access.

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